Looking for supplies for your inkjet, laser printer or multi-function? Need your printer serviced in the Bay Area? Time for a new printer? Or, do you just have a question?
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HP Laser Printers for the OfficeWhether you are in need of a repair for your laser/inkjet printer/fax, a reliable source for your supplies or a new or rebuilt replacement printer, we’re here to help. We have been selling servicing and supplying laser and inkjet printers and faxes since 1989.

We are an HP warranty authorized facility. We also service and supply virtually all makes and models of laser or inkjet printers and fax machines.

We offer free delivery for supplies and printers. We can offer you original manufacturers’ supplies and we also carry 3 lines of remanufactured toner cartridges. In addition, if you bought a toner cartridge or other supply from us and end up needing a service call due to a defect in that product, not only do we replace the product for free – The service call is free also!

Our labor charges are simple. We charge a flat rate of:

  • $85 for personal Inkjet Printers
  • $105 for personal Monochrome Laser Printers (i.e.HP1000-2000 series)
  • $125 for workgroup Monochrome Laser Printers (i.e. HP 3000-9000 series)
  • $125 for business class Inkjet Printers
  • $180 for Color Laser Printers
That’s all you pay for travel and labor, from start until finish, no matter how long it takes us, even if we need to return (parts are extra of course).

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